Discover your constitution type

Because one size does not fit all

People are different. We all have different abilities and preferences, and the same applies to your health and constitution

People are different

For example, you may know someone who thrives on a meat diet, but others who eat meat may suffer from allergies and skin problems. A High-Carb diet may work wonders for some, but leaves others feeling tired or gaining weight. Vigorous exercise is good for some, swimming is better for others. So knowing your constitution – what food and fitness activities suit you – is the foundation to leading a healthy life.

Leading a healthy life

Weight Control

Work with your constitution instead of against it

Boost Vitality

Strengthen your immune system and optimise your health

Healthy Skin

Improve your inner health to see the reflection in your skin

Constitutional Medicine

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Constitutional Medicine acknowledges the differences between people, and treats each patient accordingly. Using Acupuncture in this way is a new and powerful approach that results in rapid improvement of a patient's complaints.

Constitutional Medicine can help with diet and weight issues, skin complaints, allergies, asthma, recurrent inflammation, chronic pain, arthritis, high or low blood pressure, low immune system, headaches and migraines, pregnancy, infertility, menopause/menstrual problems, emotional imbalance, sleeping issues, and digestive dysfunction.

Constitutional Acupuncture can also help when children are experiencing sleeping issues, emotional imbalance, headaches, digestion problems, skin complaints, and allergies.

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You can discover your constitution type through a consultation with a qualified Constitutional Medicine practitioner


A short program of acupuncture sessions to confirm your constitution and address the major complaints


At the end of this program, you will receive a regimen for your constitution that provides practical advice on diet, exercise, and lifestyle